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The above two images are from the 7th Te Vaka album "Havili".
To all our listeners, the many friends of Te Vaka worldwide and subscribers
to Pacific Islands Radio, you are all welcome to download Te Vaka
albums which are all available from itunes. Physical CDs and DVDs are available
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Tahiti is a special place and its vibrant music is unique, exciting and unforgettable.

This CD is a collection of some favourite recordings from the top producers in Tahiti. It features vocals by the most famous Tahitian singers, accompanied by great Polynesian musicians.

It is amazing that this tiny group of islands has such a rich musical cultural heritage. These musicians have blended their melodies combining a French and American influence with the rhythms of the native chants of Tahiti.

This CD is the next best thing to getting on a plane and arriving at this wonderful place they call Tahiti. So, wrap a pareu around you, sip your favourite tall, cool drink, turn on Pacific Islands Radio Stations Live 365 64kbps FM Stereo 24/7 and sit back, relax and enjoy the authentic sounds of Tahiti.

Traditional Hawaiian favourites performed by the undisputed
master of slack key guitar, Gaby Pahinui (1921-1980)

Available from

Available from

Available from

The beautiful sounds of the Ta'akoka Dance Troupe
from the Cook Islands is available from:

Beautiful Samoan music performed
by beautiful Samoan ladies

A collection of dance music from Tahiti, Fiji, Samoa,
Cook Islands, Samoa, New Caledonia and Tonga

ContempContemporary and traditional music from Tonga performed by the Royal Tongans, Tauhola, Fola 'Ofa Hae Vala and various combined groups

An interesting compilation of Pacific Island music including artists