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The one and only Xavier X. Fethal
from the island of Yap, Federated States of Micronesia
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Island Girl - 2004
The latest exciting and excellent CD about Micronesia
Xavier X. Fethal

Pat Martinez
Pacific Islands Radio is very proud to be able to feature
Pat's most exciting and beautiful songs from his
fantastic album: Fetan Seni Parem

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"I dedicate this album to the people and the Government of the Republic of Kiribati Islands. Also to the people of Nauru, Tuvalu, Marshall Islands, Solomon Islands and my homeland Rabi Island. God Bless Us All" -- Bata Teinamati

KA NENEI KA NENEI is regarded by many as the crowning musical achievement of this very gifted and talented musician.

Vocal: Bata Teinamati
Guest Artist: Mareta Teinamati
Music Programmer: Manu Railoa
Engineer: Manu Railoa
Manager/Producer: Teitirake Tekenimatang
Co-Manager: Lynda Teinamati
Composers: Tevita Senico, Airam, Maraki, Te Keanginimarawa
Recorded at: Aotea Home Studio, Suva, Fiji

The music of Bata Teinamati and Betania Gospel Singers is available from the exclusive distributor:

Bwanaraoi Music Shop
C/- Angirota Enterprise
P.O. Box 299
Te Ununiki
Bikenibeu, Tarawa
Republic of Kiribati
Phone/Fax (686) 28236

The Best of Bata Teinamati

Vocal - Bata Teinamati
Guest Artist - Lia Osborne (Isa Nei Raou)
Music Programmer - Manu Railoa, Titau Chet, Para Koau
Engineer - Bill Beddoes, Manu Railoa, Ramesh Hargovind
Producer/Manager - Teitirake Takenimatang

I wish to dedicate this album to all my families and friends from Rabi and Kiribati and fans from the Pacific. Kam bati n rabwa to all the musicians and composers who have helped me in creating music and top hits in my first CD album.

A big thanks to Teitirake and Bwanaraoi Music for their help and support in making it possible to release my first CD.

Wishing you all the best in the New millennium - 2000.

God Bless
B. Teinamati



-----(Majuro, Marshall Islands)
-----Nica Wase
-----Mona Levy Strauss
-----Ann Sawej
-----Band Members:
-----Vocal & Keyboard: Mitchio Kanej
-----Vocal & Keyboard: Carlton Abon
-----Guitar, Harmonica: Vanelli R-----

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The one and only Xavier X. Fethal
from the island of Yap, Federated States of Micronesia
E-mail Xavier X. Fethal at:

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